CT1 Construction Sealant the Ultimate Construction Sealant

CT1 Construction sealant wears the envious Crown of the world’s Ultimate Sealant. How did CT1 grab this prestigious title, you might ask? Well, if we simply take a look at all of the other sealants available on the market with each one falsely proclaiming to be the best Construction Sealant in the world, you’ll immediately find your answer.

Typically the sealant of choice is a silicone which varies in terms of grade in order to meet numerous applications e.g. a high flexible grade sealant to seal expansion joints in brick or concrete or perhaps a low flexible sealant to seal baths and showers. There are so many variants of sealants out there that the list is virtually endless. However, despite their seemingly honest promises, all of these silicone sealants will eventually fail over time. The question is, why?

Regular sealants tend to contain harmful solvents with an irritating tendency to evaporate which results in excessive shrinkage. This type of sealant is not U.V resistant which inevitably leads to cracking, something that you definitely do not want to happen with your sealant because it subsequently leads to poorer quality performance and loss of its original enactment. Other sealants such as acrylic or butyl based sealants contain the same set of unfortunate weaknesses with tendencies to shrink, crack, sag and the inability to work well in wet conditions. Disadvantages of these sealants are numerous and are piling up by the minute, which is why the Construction Industry experiences so many different snags and disastrous drawbacks – thankfully, CT1 has swept into the market and banished all of these problems as it grasps the accurate nickname of The Snag List Eliminator – otherwise known as the superhero of sealants!

CT1 is the Ultimate Construction Sealant because it has none of these traditional sealant disadvantages. It is a Unique Hybrid Polymer that contains no solvents or toxic components and therefore the product will never shrink, crack or even sag. CT1 performs optimally well and not just on the first application either, it will remain intact no matter how much time has passed. It remains flexible up to 350% whilst never sacrificing its strength. With excellent resistance to extreme vibrations, CT1 will never let you down. It is impervious to U.V Heat and most chemicals resulting in a permanent Seal and thus eliminating snags such as fungal or bacterial growth.

It is so unique that it can be applied on wet surfaces and even underwater, making it the ideal bonding solution in both wet and dry conditions. Is your boat in need of an emergency repair? CT1 will save you in your time of need out at sea and don’t worry about the salt-water effecting its performance, because this unique sealant can be used in all salt-water environments. CT1 will successfully bond to most materials including wood, glass, metal, polystyrene, concrete, stone, tiles and most synthetic materials.

CT1 Construction Sealant the Ultimate Sealant.

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