CT1 Construction Adhesive A New Technology

We at C-Tec have revolutionised the field of Construction Adhesives. The conventional products available at the moment lack performance and durability due to their composition. The one component Adhesives are normally a mastic base that is slow to cure and lack flexibility and strength. The two component options are stronger but have the same disadvantages as the one component. In addition, both of these types need ideal conditions to apply, i.e. clean and dry.

Introducing the revolutionary CT1 Sealant.

CT1 is a unique formulation of a hybrid polymer for ultimate structural bonding. It has a formidable bond on virtually any material and will remain permanently flexible. This makes it perfect for bonding materials exposed to a great amount of movement in its composition, such as wood or plastics. This revolutionary construction adhesive is chemical and bacterial resistant. This unique trait makes it ideal for use in damp conditions where it will be exposed to water particles. Because of its waterproof capabilities, this sealant will never be the cause of mould. You can use it in the bathroom, in swimming pools and even in garden ponds without sacrificing the adhesion abilities.

CT1 can even bond underwater. It is often just as important as having a life jacket on board a boat. In case of emergencies out at sea, you can’t go wrong with a cartridge of CT1 at your side. It can be used to fix all types of leaks, even when submerged in water. It can also be applied in sea water.

It is the ultimate environmentally friendly product 100% Eco-Compliant with its EC1 and A+ certificate. It also can be used in food preparation areas as it conforms to international hygiene regulations with an ISEGA Approved certification. This means you can use it in kitchens and places where food is stored, prepared or consumed. It is 100% odourless, which, if you’ve been around a lot of sealants, will come as a huge relief. Usually, strong adhesives come with a strong scent. This can pose as a problem, especially in confined spaces. However, with CT1 being completely odourless, you can apply it as needed without worrying about the adjoined smell.

It will also act as a premium sealant for a multitude of applications, such as sealing baths, showers, guttering, tanks, roofs, windows, doors, and the list is endless. When it comes to sticking difficult materials together, CT1 is your answer. It will flawlessly bond materials such as glass, wood, concrete, tiles, PVC, plastic and metal etc. If you’re worried about getting this sealant on your hands, it washes off with clean water and a little bit of soap. It will not stain your hands which is an added bonus to this incredible product. CT1 is available in a variety of colours including brown, white, oak, black and clear. You can also paint over it with any paint for a seamless finish.

CT1 – The Number 1 construction adhesive product on the market!