How to Create a Fish Pond in your Garden

A pond can bring an extra element to your garden. It attracts local wildlife to your home and is a beautiful addition to your garden. Instead of paying someone a fortune to create a garden pool, why not make your own? It’s a lot easier than it looks, especially when you have the right tools for the job. Ponds provide the ideal home for fish and you can also use it to attract other species such as birds, dragonflies and frogs etc.

How to make a pond – DIY Guide

There are many different ways to create a fish pond in your garden. You can dig a hole to your required depth and size according to personal preference and space or you can use the container method. This is the most advised method according to the RSPB. The first step is to take a large container that can withstand various weather elements such as frost and ice etc.

One of the main obstacles that you’ll face when searching for the perfect base container is finding a material that is “leak-proof”. It’s advised to test the container beforehand and once you find one that you’re happy with, place it in your chosen area. Make sure to choose a spot in your garden that receives plenty of natural sunlight during the day. You can either sink the container into the ground or leave it on top, depending on your preferences.

How to attract wildlife to your pond

If you’re creating a garden pond because you want to attract more wildlife to your home, it’s important to make access as easy as possible. You can use stones, logs of bricks to make stepping stones in and out of the pond. This will make it easier for animals to get in and out of the pond safely and is especially useful for creatures such as hedgehogs. It’s also good to add some stones to the middle of the pond so birds can come and bathe themselves safely in the water.

Sealing drainage holes and repairing garden pond leaks

Before adding water to your pond, it’s a good idea to check for any cracks or plugholes etc. Prepare your pond by sealing drainage holes and cracks with CT1, the best underwater sealant and adhesive from C-TEC. This revolutionary product seals cracks and repairs water leaks in no time. It creates a strong and flexible bond and works in both wet and dry conditions. You can use it to prepare your pond in advance by fixing any potential leaks prior to adding any water.

If you notice there are cracks or a leakage problem after you’ve added the water, you can use CT1 to repair the leaks directly underwater. It’s 100% water resistant, which means you can apply it underwater to repair and fill cracks and leaks as required. It’s safe to use and will not harm the livelihood of your fish, making it the perfect underwater sealant to repair leaks and cracks in your garden pond.

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