Construction Adhesive That Replaces Numerous Products into One Tube

C-Tec has developed the ultimate Construction Adhesive that has taken the market by storm. In 2008, after many years of intricate research and development, C-Tec were proud to introduce into the market the incredible Power Grab n Bond – a unique Construction Adhesive.

To understand what makes this Construction Adhesive so special, we need to take a closer look at what Construction Adhesives are available at the moment.

Firstly, there are the one component mastic types of adhesives. There are several variations, the most common of which includes P.U structural Construction Adhesives. Unfortunately, all of these one component mastic adhesives are very dated in their technology and have a huge list of disadvantages. For example, surfaces have to be dry before applying the adhesive. This may sound obvious, but for a Construction Adhesive, this is a real disadvantage, especially in a frequently rainy country. The grab on these Construction Adhesives is extremely poor and in order for them to perform in vertical applications, the materials must be supported for at least 24 hours. The adhesives lack flexibility, which is again a huge disadvantage for a Construction Adhesive because when using such adhesives in external applications, the material and the adhesive will be exposed to the elements. This causes considerable expansion and contraction between base materials and without a flexible construction adhesive, the materials will not be able to remain in place.

The second type of Construction Adhesives available is the two-part adhesive. But like its singular one component cousin, the two-part solution also comes with many disadvantages. There is a lot of mixing with the two components and if not mixed correctly, the Construction Adhesive will fail. The two part is stronger than the one component but it is very slow to cure and as it has very little initial grab has to be supported with the surfaces completed dry.

To answer the earlier question: What makes Power Grab n Bond the ultimate Construction Adhesive? – Power Grab n Bond is a unique hybrid polymer with no mixing required. It can be applied onto wet surfaces, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The initial grab is unprecedented-no support required. A marble slab 300mm x 300mm weighing 10kg would normally require four fixing bolts to affix it onto a vertical substrate, just apply Power Grab n Bond onto the back of the slab and affix it immediately onto the vertical substrate with no sliding and no supports. That’s why it’s the mind blowing best Construction Adhesive there is in the market. Even when cured it’s stronger than the base material, even a sledge hammer will not break the bond.




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