Composition & Features That Make CT1 The Best Quality Sealant

Finding a high quality sealant and adhesive has never been easier than with CT1’s Sealant which acts as an effective filler, adhesive and sealant – all in one. It is considered by the professionals to be the ultimate development in bonding and sealing with the ability to apply to a large multitude of materials and surfaces. It remains flexible and adheres to the surface permanently despite changes in temperature and rapid movement. It is an extremely high performance universal sealant and offers users a unique adhesion on any material which will never need additional repairs in the future because the results are long-lasting and effective.

The Progress of Sealants and Adhesives
Sealants and adhesives have been used to bond and seal materials for hundreds of years. The earliest known type of sealants were made from natural materials such as mud, tar, beeswax and even tree sap. This is where the original idea for sealant derived from and whilst technology has advanced with time, so too has the quality of our sealants. CT1 Sealant is now considered to be the best quality sealant and is 100% Eco-Compliant with an EC1 and EC1 A+ Certificate. In modern times, sealant and adhesives such as CT1’s Sealant, Miracle Seal, FSB Fire ‘n’ Bond, Roof ‘n’ Wall and CT1’s Superfast Plus are being used on a daily basis by both domestic users, tradesmen and multiple construction and industry workers.

Defining High Performance Sealants and Adhesives
A high quality and performance sealant/adhesive will successfully and effortlessly bond two different materials or surfaces together to create a smooth bond that stands the test of time. Adhesion and cohesion are the two main binds that enable an adhesive to work correctly. Bonding allows for the prevention of corrosion when used with metals and it should be able to resist U.V to avoid the risk of cracking or shrinking. CT1 delivers with each of these defining qualities of a top quality sealant and exceeds these expectations with its multiple features and advantages which will be discussed below.

CT1 Sealant is the Best Quality Sealant
CT1 has been scientifically proven to be ‘food safe’ as it conforms to the basic ISEGA Standards. Because of this, CT1 is often used as an effective sealant and adhesive in the food industry and even the medical industry. CT1 can be used on wet or dry surfaces and can even be applied and spread accurately underwater without risk of losing the products or the surfaces integrity. It can bond with literally any material that you can think of including glass, metal and wood. It is a hybrid formulation and it will not attack synthetic material, preserving the quality on a long-term basis. This sealant works as an adhesive and provides the ultimate bonding solution. It does not shrink or crack and is 100% odourless. A rapid bond immediately gets to work as soon as CT1 is applied which means that you get immediate results with this ultimate Snag List Eliminator.


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