Cleaning Tar Stains from Car Paint

If you work with cars or do a lot of car work from home, you may have experienced the devastating moment when tar finds its way onto the car paint. This can be incredibly frustrating because it can be very difficult to remove tar stains from car paint without affecting the original condition of the paint. Using hot water and soap probably won’t have the impact required to remove such a stain.

Tar is thick, black and sticky. It is most commonly used in road structure and surfacing in the form of tarmac. Cleaning tar stains can be a tiring ordeal, especially if you are using a cheap tar remover to tackle the job. Tar is made from a mix of hydrocarbons and free carbon, usually forming from natural materials such as coal, peat, petroleum and wood. One of its main properties is its ability to adhere to a range of surfaces. Whilst this is a desired quality in some instances, it can be a real nuisance when it finds its way to places where it doesn’t belong. After a lot of research and development, C-TEC came up with the ultimate tar remover – Multisolve.

Multisolve is an entire league of its own. It removes tar easily and quickly, reducing labour times by half. It is the best solution to cleaning tar from car paint because it does not affect the base material, which is in this case, the car paintwork. This means that you can safely use this product to clean tar from your car without putting the paint at risk. Many harsh solvents will not only damage the car paint, but they can also cause additional stains to occur, entirely throwing off the aesthetics of your car. These aromatic solvents were often powerful but extremely toxic and are rarely still used today. However, some still remain in our hardware stores and when used, they can tarnish the base material and even remove the original car paint.

Multisolve tar remover works into the stain to remove it in a gentle but powerful way. The tar lifts from the paint without lifting the paint along with it. This leaves the tar stains ready for treatment, making Multisolve the best solution when it comes to tackling tar stains on your car or on any other surface for that matter. This high-quality and fast-acting solvent can remove not only tar, but grease, oil, silicone, sealants, adhesives, wax, paraffin and printing ink.

C-TEC’s Multisolve comes in a handy 500ml aerosol, allowing you to spray directly onto the tar stain without having to carry out additional procedures for application. It only a few short seconds, Multisolve begins to work into the tar stain and carries out the removal in a safe and effective manner.

Multisolve – The Number One Tar Remover


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