Cleaning Tar from the Soles of your Shoes

Removing tar is incredibly difficult due to its sticky nature. As a form of petroleum, tar is most often used in road construction. But what happens when you accidentally step on it? Accidents happen and whilst you may assume you have to throw out your shoes in exchange for new ones, think again. You can clean tar from the soles of your shoes as long as you have the right tool for the job. In this article, we’re going to go over the process of cleaning and removing all traces of tar from your favourite pair of shoes.

To remove tar, you need a powerful glue remover and what better choice than C-TEC’s all-powerful adhesive remover, Multisolve.

What is Multisolve?

Multisolve is a multi-purpose solvent designed specifically for the safe and effective removal of different kinds of sealants and adhesives. Because of the thick and sticky nature of tar, rubbing soap and water on it will not remove the stain. Spray multisolve onto the tar and the unique formulation will begin to work into the substance, leaving it ready for treatment.

When you have to clean tar from the sole of your shoes, you need a solution that will not only deal with the problem at hand, but will do so without compromising the base material of the shoe. Use the wrong solvent or tar remover and you could risk damaging your shoes even more. This will also make the chances of repairing them will be little to none.

Multisolve tackles the stain without attacking the original material. It is a cheap and safe solution because it does not harm the user’s skin and it won’t leave an oil film behind. Regular glue removers often do this and it can be really frustrating because it can be difficult to remove. It also takes a lot more time and energy to conquer. This fast-acting solution is also fast drying, which means it won’t be long before you get up and start walking in your shoes once again.

Removing tar from your shoes

The texture of your shoes may determine how difficult it is to remove tar from the exterior. Many shoes have complicated textures and the soles often have deep grips for better friction when running and hiking etc. For this reason, it is important to use the most gentle but effective degreaser you can find. Tar tends to melt a little when it has been exposed to high temperatures. Little tar bubbles begin to appear and this is usually the main source that leads to tar getting stuck onto the soles of your shoes.

Thankfully, removing sticky tar is made easy thanks to Multisolve by C-TEC. After applying this degreaser, give it time to set into the stain. It won’t be long before it starts getting to work. It begins removing the tar without affecting or damaging the shoe.



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