Cleaning Paraffin Wax Stains with Multisolve

Removing paraffin wax stains requires a strong and safe solvent such as Multisolve in order to clean away all traces of the stubborn substance. Consisting of hydrocarbon molecules (CnH2n+2), Paraffin wax is usually white or clear in colour. Interestingly, this wax is made from oil shale, petroleum or coal. It is used for a range of different applications such as lubrication, electrical insulation and candles. This type of wax first emerged some time in the 1850s and was most often used to create clean burn candles. It has since become the most popular wax for candle manufacturing, which also meant that a cleaning solution for wax was required. However, removing paraffin wax is a lot more difficult than it seems.

Wax stains often occur on table surfaces, carpets, furniture, walls and just about anywhere you decide to display them! Cleaning wax from such delicate materials requires a safe but effective wax cleaner. If the stain is only minor, you might get away with using some warm water and soap. However, in order to avoid causing even more stains, you’re safer going with a high-quality degreaser and stain remover such as Multisolve from C-TEC.

Multisolve removes paraffin wax in less than ten minutes. It instantly gets to work and begins to pry the wax from the base material without compromising the surrounding area. Spray Multisolve onto the wax directly from the aerosol can. The unique formulation of this gentle solvent will start acting fast. Rather than using the traditional burning motion to remove stubborn wax stains, Multisolve is an aliphatic solvent, which ensures a safe but powerful detachment performance.

C-TEC’s Multisolve contains no recycled solvents in its composition, ensuring that the product will not harm or irritate the skin. Paraffin Wax is quite strong and adheres to surfaces like hot glue. This is why it can be so difficult to remove wax from tables and floorboards etc. Removing wax from sensitive surfaces is no easy job, but Multisolve provides seamless results. It can be used on all types of surfaces, including painted bases, glass surfaces, rubber, plastics and vinyl flooring etc.

Multisolve not only remove paraffin wax, but it also removes and cleans all traces of adhesives, sealants, tar, printing ink, silicon, grease and oil. It’s fast-acting power provides quick and dependable results, which makes it the perfect choice in times of emergency. Multisolve is used to prepare surfaces by cleaning unwanted debris from the area. Many of our customers use Multisolve in union with other products from our adhesive range such as CT1, WT1 and Power Grab ‘n’ Bond. Multisolve is used both before and after. It cleans, preps and primes surface areas for sealant or adhesive applications.

Multisolve – The Ultimate Paraffin Wax Remover

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