Cleaning Grease and Oil Stains from Car Paint

Cars are hard to keep clean. They can get muddy and covered in things like bird droppings, dust and random pieces of debris. Whilst most of these things are easily taken care of with a dash of hot soapy water and a little elbow grease, other stains are more difficult to overcome. What happens when you accidentally get oil or grease on the paintwork of your car? Do you scrub it with a sponge or will you need a more effective option? And what happens if you accidentally make the stain even worse, or scratch the paintwork with the wrong kind of applicator brush etc. All of these questions will surely enter your mind at some stage, particularly when you’ve been tasked with the job of cleaning oil and grease stains from your vehicle. However, C-TEC has the solution.

Using Multisolve to Remove Oil and Grease

Multisolve is the latest advancement in modern day solvents. Unlike its predecessors that would burn into stains in order to remove them, Multisolve simply detaches stains without so much as a scratch. This makes it the perfect solvent and degreaser for removing oil and grease stains from your car paint.

Spray the solvent directly where it is needed. It won’t take long for it to soak into the stains and pry them from the base material. This leaves  it ready for treatment. You will discover that a simple damp cloth will now wipe the stains away, leaving a flawless and sparkling finish in its wake. In addition to removing oil and grease, this unique multi-purpose solvent can also clean away traces of tar, wax, sealants, adhesives and printing ink.

A Safe and Effective Result

Removing tar stains from the surface of your car is another common problem that many car owners are faced with. Tar is made from peat, wood, coal or petroleum. It has strong adhesion qualities which makes it great for surfacing roads, but a nightmare to clean from your car! Because of the thick and sticky nature of tar, it can be quite challenging to remove it without strenuous rubbing. However, more often than not, rubbing the stain profusely can make it that much worse. Instead, try using Multisolve in the same way you would use it to remove oil and grease stains.

Multisolve is a non-toxic solvent that is eco-friendly and safe for the user. In the past, the only effective solvent you could have used for removing tar, oil and grease stains was an aromatic solvent. But the problem with these solvents is the fact that they are  very toxic. They etch into the paintwork of the vehicle, damaging the exterior and causing even more problems such as staining. Multisolve may have the effective power of an aromatic solvent, but it is actually an aliphatic solvent instead. This is evident through its safe removal of stains without burning into the base material.

Multisolve from CTEC – The best and safest grease, oil and tar remover.

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