How to Clean Wax from Vinyl Flooring

Lighting candles in the home can bring a beautiful sense of ambiance into a room. The delightful scent of candles is a particularly appealing feature and many people around the world enjoy them as an essential part of their home décor. However, when candles drip and pools of wax form on the surface material, it can be really challenging to clean it. Wax can be very stubborn and will not want to go without a fight. It can be difficult to know how to tackle the problem without accidentally scratching your furniture or staining your vinyl flooring in the process.

Structure of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring have been around since the early 1980s. It consists of coloured polyvinyl chloride that has been formed into solid sheets, known as vinyl composition tiles or VCT. They provide a smooth and level floor and is one of the most popular materials used for flooring today. This is mainly due to the fact that its high durability, low cost and its easy maintenance. They are easy to install, remove and replace as needed. They come in a huge range of different colours and patterns, and often resemble stone and wood etc. in appearance. Cleaning vinyl flooring is quite simply because of its high resilience to abrasion and damage. However, this is only useful when you know exactly how to clean tough stains from vinyl flooring without leaving any traces or scratches behind!

Wax Remover Solvent

MultiSolve removes wax without leaving an oil film behind after the removal of the stain. As a multi-purpose solvent, Multisolve also successfully cleans and removes other stubborn adhesives such as paraffin, printing ink, sealants, grease, oil, silicone and tar. It is completely safe to use, which means it will not irritate your skin or damage your vinyl flooring. In fact, Multisolve can be safely used on vinyl, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces. It’s fast-acting nature means stains are lifted quickly and with ease. It is the preliminary treatment for adhesives and paints and provides safe degreasing and cleaning in a matter of seconds. If you need a solvent to remove wax from your vinyl flooring, Multisolve is the perfect tool for the job. It also works well with other products from C-TEC, including CT1 and WT1.

Cleaning Wax from Vinyl Flooring

If you manage to get wax on your vinyl flooring, take your aerosol of Multisolve and simply spray the product onto the wax. Leave it to work its magic on the stain before prying the wax apart with a blade or the edge of a plastic ruler. Be careful with this part, as you don’t want to accidentally scrape your vinyl flooring. You may be able to use a damp cloth instead, which will gently remove the detached wax that Multisolve has pried apart from the surface.



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