How to Clean Tar Stains from Clothes

If you manage to get a stubborn tar stain on your clothes, you may be tempted to grab a bar of soap and start scrubbing. However, this method may be effective for minor stains. Removing tar from clothes requires something a lot stronger! This is where C-TEC’s number one Solvent and tar remover comes to the rescue. Multisolve is a unique tar remover that has a huge range of possible applications. It is used to remove adhesives, sealants, silicone, wax, paraffin, printing ink, grease and oil. It is also used to remove tar stains from all kinds of surfaces, including car paint and clothes.

Cleaning Tar Stains

Due to the thick and sticky nature of tar, it can be very problematic to remove it. Cleaning the tar stains requires a careful and gentle approach. If you use a cheap solvent, you risk jeopardising your clothes. The stain may become worse or you might develop an entirely new stain to deal with. Most tar removers claim to remove tar without damage to the synthetics of the original material beneath the stain. Whilst this may be true in some cases, when it comes to removing tar stains from your clothes, you will need a much safer degreaser.

Traditional tar removers are based on aromatics. These were used in glue and paint manufacturing and usually contained toxic components that would affect the base material. Their aggressive approach to tar removal makes them highly inappropriate for use with clothes. For such a fragile material, it is best to use a safe and reliable solvent such as Multisolve.

Cleaning Tar from Clothes

Multisolve was created based on hydro carbon aliphatic solvents. This means it’s much safer and a more effective approach to tar removal. In order to remove stains safely from your clothes, spray a small amount of Multisolve onto the stain. Leave it for a few moments to set and let it work into the stain. Soon, you will begin to notice that the tar has detached from the material beneath, leaving it ready for treatment. Multisolve does not stain, which means you can depend on it to get the job done without compromising the original condition of the clothing.

Multisolve removes all traces of tar from clothing and it evaporated after use, which is great news because there will be no oil film left behind. This often happens when using common tar removers and the oil film can be just as difficult to remove as the tar!

Multisolve is ideal for home use, as well as in various industries and professions including plumbers, electricians, builders, tilers and joiners etc. It can be used to remove old sealants and works alongside other products in our adhesive range such as CT1 and WT1. Clean and prepare surfaces for sealant application and use it to finish joints for a smooth finish.

Multisolve – The Ultimate Tar Remover


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