How to carry out effective leaking concrete balcony repairs

A revolutionary efficient sealant adhesive                                                       

Balconies on buildings, especially residential homes, provide that added architectural feature that is iconic, eye catching and desirable. As a practical addition to any building plans it offers a raised vista of the surrounding area which can instil a sense of freedom as you walk from your living room or bedroom directly onto the balcony and the outside world. For many it actually provides outside living accommodation that becomes an extra living area in good weather conditions, probably more suitable to Mediterranean conditions but still greatly appreciated by UK home owners. Unfortunately through time concrete balconies have been known to leak and that is more prevalent in the perpetual wet weather conditions that we experience in the Northern Hemisphere. Given that scenario there is always a need to repair those leaking balconies as quickly as possible before rain water can cause more serious damage through erosion. The cost of repairs at that advanced stage of degradation  would be colossal with the possible replacement of the entire balcony. Imagine the almost prohibitive combined cost of materials and labour. It is not something that the ordinary home-owner would want to undertake both from a financial and practical perspective.The time element and intrusive nature of the remedial work would be immediate negative factors when considering a large scale repairs operation. The ideal solution is WT1 which will seal and waterproof simultaneously with one application.

Performance outclasses the competition

This product is outperforming all other comparable sealant adhesives currently on the market and has positioned itself as the number one sealant to the construction and DIY business. It has excellent adhesion to concrete and waterproofs as it seals – so is therefore the best solution available to make effective repairs to leaking balconies. It is endorsed by many large construction companies and builders’ suppliers all over Europe and has fast become the number one tradesman’s mate – ever present at their disposal to meet all sealing adhesive requirements in their daily routines. What makes it so practical as well as efficient is its spreadability straight from the container on to the surface area requiring repairs. It requires no pre-application heating or any other kind of preparation. You can simply pour the product which is a combined polymer and polyurethane compound, directly onto the surface of the concrete balcony and spread it with an applicator- a flat brush-like implement. The density of application depends on the repairs required – dictated by the frequency of the cracks, their depth and their width. Repairs can be carried out by C Tec technicians if required or simply as a DIY project with careful adherence to product instructions.

Compliant with Health Safety and Enviro directives

WT1 is completely compliant with all health, safety and environmental considerations.

Finished Surface will accept substrates

The finished surface will allow for the attachment of suitable substrates such as decking products or tiles as required and that is the beauty of this miraculous product. You can choose the precise substrate that pleases you most aesthetically, safe in the knowledge that the process is guaranteed to work effectively. Your balcony can finish up looking much more professional and attractive than the original version with the assistance of WT1 and other complimentary products from C Tec’s range of  adhesives that will enable a perfect end result. Not only does it represent a practical solution but also an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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