C-Tec Introduce CT1 no Caulking Gun Required

The most common question asked of C-Tec sales representatives when showing our unique CT1 sealant and adhesive is, “Do you need a Caulking Gun to use that?” and the answer was yes of course you need a Caulking Gun. With caulking sealants you need a Caulking Gun to dispense the sealant. The question of, “ Do I need a Caulking Gun?” has been asked so frequently, especially by female D.I.Y enthusiasts that we at C-Tec thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could fulfil our customers requests and develop a system that would eliminate the need for a Caulking Gun.

Well, C-Tec has succeeded in developing the CT1 No Gun Required. This unique mechanism completely removes the need for a Caulking Gun. CT1 No Gun will automatically dispense the product with just a touch of a finger. CT1 No Gun is so easy to use and will create continuous straight and even beads of CT1 Sealant, try it yourself, it’s incredible!

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