Broken Picture Frame – fast repair with Superfast Plus

Picture Frames can break

A picture frame can be broken sometimes with the least force or impact being applied. Simply just handling it can cause the frame to separate with the immediate result of frustration and annoyance at the vision of your favourite photo mount lying in pieces. The fault rests in the initial assembly of the frame which was not securely fixed to begin with. However you are left with the problem of re-connecting the disparate parts that make up the finished artifact. It is of no significance and represents no solution to even consider duplicating a gluing or stapling system that has failed already through either incompetence on the part of the operator or poor quality adhesive product, so what can you do to redress the deficit? Thankfully you have options.

The most effective repair solution

There are a number of sealant/adhesive solutions you could choose from but unfortunately many are immediately eliminated through non-conformity with health and safety regulations. There is however one very clear choice that performs authentically and professionally, providing a lasting  bond that will prove unbreakable well into the future. It is a revolutionary adhesive product that has caught the imagination of many happy users whose testimonials wax lyrical about Superfast Plus and its super effective gluing characteristics. This adhesive, straight from C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator inventory, has been designed and manufactured with the construction industry and related sectors in mind. It is stocked by many builder suppliers across Europe and the current  huge demand for the product is testimony enough to its popularity as an adhesive that clearly “ does what it says on the tin,” to coin a heavily cliched adage. Superfast Plus’ versatility means that it can glue almost any material with instant effect and without any visible signs of the product on the glued joint, providing a pleasing aesthetic finish to match the efficacy of the adhesive quality of the product.

Restoring your picture frame’s integrity

Your picture frame can be restored to the perfect photo mount, that you initially purchased, to proudly display your family photo of choice. Superfast Glue has a stable companion which can be used to prime the surface to be glued, preparing a joint that will react positively to Superfast, providing an unbreakable seal. This preparatory solution is Superfast Plus Activator. It helps seal porous surfaces ensuring that Superfast Plus will create a lasting bond when it is subsequently applied. Both work very effectively together to produce a bond that is unshakable and permanent. Superfast Plus possesses qualities that give it an extra profile beyond the adhesive context. For example it contains no solvents, is temperature resistant in the range of temperatures 30 degrees to 100 degrees and is also resistant to temperature fluctuations as well as atmospheric conditions.

The adhesive is easily applied and effective

This colourless adhesive which has a very high tensile strength can be applied directly from the container with no mixing, soldering or heating involved. It will restore your broken picture frame to the beautiful photo mount that you initially admired and will consequently restore your faith in fast effective adhesive repairs.

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