Bonding Stone with a Lasting Bond

Bonding stone requires an extra strong and powerful adhesive. C-TEC have several different adhesives including CT1, The Snag List Eliminator and Power Gran ‘n’ Bond, the ultimate construction adhesive for vertical heavy bonding applications. Traditional construction adhesives rarely provide a strong enough bond to adhere to stone. In fact, there are very few that are able to even provide a mild bond between stone and stone, stone and brick and stone to concrete etc. Two component adhesives are probably the most common type of adhesive to stick stone. However, it can be extremely difficult to bond stone successfully because a large part of that process requires mixing two different components with exact and correct ratios. If this fails, the bond fails.

Bonding stone to stone

Some of the main disadvantages of using a regular adhesive to bond stone is the fact that they are slow to cure and the bond it creates are extremely unreliable. Flexibility is a quality that is seriously lacking with two component epoxies. Without adequate flexibility, any slight movement to the structure or stone, and the entire bond could give in and fail. In order to successfully bond stone, you will need an adhesive that can fight against the porous nature of the stone. If you adhesive can’t resist the moisture, then the bond is at risk.

C-TEC, the creators of CT1, have carried out significant research in order to create a powerful and durable bond between stone. There are three different types of stone in existence. The most common and the one most regularly used in construction and building is silica dioxide. Bonding this type of stone is quite difficult, which is why you need a heavy duty adhesive to form a long lasting bond that won’t cave in.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond comes in a 310ml cartridge. It is one of the strongest adhesives in the world and is often used to adhere to heavy based materials such as stone, brick, marble, concrete and granite etc. You can simple apply this adhesive direct from the container, which means you don’t need to carry out much prep work before application.

When you bond stone with Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, an immediate and durable bond is formed. Unlike most other construction adhesives, you will not have to use additional fixings or support systems to help hold the bond in place. Instead, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond creates a dependable bond that can stand the test of time. In addition to all this, this powerful stone adhesive is water resistant and is able to withstand and resist the elements.

Bonding stone to stone with C-TEC’s Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, the best Heavy-Duty adhesive.

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