How to Bond Stone to Stone

Stone is a heavy material and one that requires an extra strong adhesive for successful bonding. C-TEC’s Power Grab ‘n’ Bond has been designed to provide powerful bonds between heavy-duty materials such as brick, stone, marble, granite and concrete. Bonding stone has always been a challenging task. It requires a great deal of hard work, time and patience. Before Power Grab ‘n’ Bond entered the market, sticking stone to stone was achieved using a two-component epoxy. This was effective for smaller applications but useless for larger projects where the stone would be subjected to high levels of vibration or exposure to harsh elements (strong winds, high temperatures and heavy rain etc.). One component mastics where fine for minor applications, but when it comes to vertical bonding, you will need a much stronger construction adhesive such as Power Grab ‘n’ Bond.

Before Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, two component epoxies would take up to a week to cure. This was of course very time consuming and one of the main drawbacks of the process. Bonding stone requires a powerful adhesive that is strong enough to provide a permanent bond whilst remaining flexible enough to allow stone to withstand vibrations. The adhesive must also have high tolerance to the elements. This is necessary because most construction adhesives will be used outside and therefore, it is vital that it is strong enough to withstand high and low temperatures, heavy rain, strong winds, ice and snow.

Using Power Grab ‘n’ Bond

This super strong construction adhesive achieves horizontal and vertical bonding of stone seamlessly. It provides immediate attachment and unlike most adhesives, there is no need to add additional supports to the stone. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is the only support you need. You will not need to drill or attach fixing bolts either, cutting work time in half so that you can get the job done without spending more time and effort adding extra support systems to the structure.

This powerful adhesive is available in a 310ml cartridge that is suitable for use with a regular adhesive caulking gun. Knowing how much product to use can be a difficult decision to make. You don’t want to use too little and not have enough to cover the entire surface area of the stone. On the other hand, if you use too much product you risk wasting it. We here at C-TEC advise that you use Power Grab ‘n’ Bond according to the weight of the stone in use. The best amount is to use a 450mm bead of the adhesive per kilo of stone. This will be the perfect amount to create a formidable bond and successfully stick stone to stone.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond – the best construction adhesive to bond stone to stone, stone to concrete, stone to metal and even stone to wood!


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