What is The Best Waterproof Sealant for Plumbing?

Discover the best waterproof sealant for plumbing applications right here at C-Tec. We supply a range of fantastic sealants and adhesives that are 100% waterproof. For tanking applications, such as waterproofing showers and wet rooms, you can rely on WT1. This is the latest advancement in waterproofing technology and offers excellent adhesion to materials such as concrete, stone, brick and many more. However, for applications such as refitting kitchens and dealing with plumbing emergencies, there is no better tool for the job than CT1.

Plumbing Applications

Plumbers often face difficulties when fitting and servicing hold and cold-water systems. This is why you need to make sure you’re using a water-resistant sealant that can withstand water pressure and work in both dry and wet conditions. CT1 is not only waterproof, but it also adheres under water. If you need to repair a drainage leak, you can rely on CT1 to provide a long-lasting solution without having to return to the same leak again in the future.

Sealing a Sink

If you’re faced with a plumbing challenge, such as a leaking sink pipe or faucet, you need to use a waterproof sealant to repair the leak. Sealing sinks is also made simple thanks to CT1. If you need to seal a sink, simply take the cartridge and apply a bead of the sealant along the edge where the sink meets the counter. Use as much as you need and wipe away the excess.

Advantages of CT1

CT1 has a huge list of advantages that make it the ideal plumbing sealant. It’s perfect for all plumbing applications such as bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing. It replaces the need for silicone sealants and acrylic sealants, providing a stronger and more reliable bond that stands the test of time. As a universal adhesive, CT1 bonds to most surfaces and works under water. This means that you can tackle problematic leaks without having to wait for the area to dry before application. It’s repaintable with most common paints, which means you don’t have to sacrifice the visual aesthetics of the room.

How to use CT1

It’s important to store CT1 at room temperature and keep it out of the reach of children. Once you’re ready to use CT1, you need to cut the cartridge at the nose. This gives you accurate precision since the thin nozzle reaches even the most difficult places. You can cut the nozzle at desired dimensions according to your specific requirements. Using a mastic gun, you can then apply the sealant on a clean and degreased surface.

If you need to clean the surface before applying CT1, you can use Multisolve from C-Tec. This grease remover is ideal for cleaning, degreasing and preparing an area for sealing. Simply take the aerosol of Multisolve and spray directly onto the area you need to clean. Within seconds, the formula will work its way into the stain and detach it safely and effectively. This leaves the area ready for treatment. You can also use it to clean up the joints after sealing for a neat and tidy finish.