Best Waterproof Sealant for Boat Repairs

When out at sea, no sailor can be without their trusted cartridge of CT1. It’s the ultimate sealant and adhesive for boating maintenance, leaks and repairs. It is ideal for a huge array of applications outside the boat, including bathrooms and general building maintenance. It replaces the need for having multiple adhesives in your tool box and makes the rest completely redundant. So, instead of packing a range of acrylic sealants, P.U adhesives, butyl rubber sealants, silicone sealants and sanitary silicone sealants, all you need is a trusted bottle of CT1 for all of your bonding and repairing needs.

CT1 and Boating Maintenance

CT1 is ideal for boating repairs because it provides a strong and formidable bond in all conditions. It can withstand harsh weather including both high and low temperatures and it can do so without shrinking or cracking. Despite heavy and harsh winds, CT1’s bond does not weaken over time and the bond is long-lasting and reliable. It creates bonds to most surfaces, without attacking synthetic material. This means you can depend on CT1 to provide bonds where they are needed most.

If you notice a leak on board your boat and you are far from the coat, having CT1 on board can literally save lives. You can use this miraculous sealant and adhesive to repair leaks both above and below water. It can be used in salt-water conditions to repair boating leaks and holes etc. that may have occurred. It adheres to mirrors by applying in vertical strips and on natural stone without bleeding through. In addition to this, you can also use CT1 to bond polyester, polystyrene foam, wood, mirror, glass, stone, lead and much more.

Finishing Joints

Finish joints with C-TEC’s Multisolve, which helps to degrease the surface area and prepares it for treatment. When you’re out at sea, you need to be assured that you can handle whatever the sea has to throw at you. This is why you need a powerful sealant and adhesive that can withstand harsh weather conditions. CT1 doesn’t require a mastic gun to use when you pick up the new 200ml No Gun option.

This waterproof sealant comes in a range of different colours including white, grey, black, blue, solver, oak and beige. For boating leaks, there is no better option than CT1 construction sealant and adhesive. While other traditional sealants offer temporary solutions with a huge array of drawbacks, CT1 eliminates common disadvantages often associated with construction sealants. This is largely why this fascinating sealant has been given the name “The Snag List Eliminator”.

If you would like to find out where you can pick up your own cartridge of CT1, check out our distributors on our web page or pick up the phone and give us a call today!

CT1 – The ultimate boating sealant for repairing leaks and general boating maintenance.

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