Best Sealant for Outdoor Use

When it comes to choosing the perfect sealant for outdoor use, you need to make sure that it is both durable and weather resistant. This means finding a sealant that can withstand high and low temperatures and remain strong durable wet and dry conditions etc. C-TEC specialise in the production of durable sealants and adhesives for the construction industry. One of our most well-known products is CT1, the ultimate construction adhesive and the best sealant on the market for outdoor use.

CT1 is water resistant, which makes it ideal for use outdoors. It can repair roof leaks in a matter of seconds. This instantly stops the excess water from penetrating through the surface of the product. This makes it incredibly useful in times of emergency. When it comes to boating maintenance, CT1 is the number one sealant and adhesive. It works in both wet and dry conditions. However, it can also be used underwater. The advanced technology of CT1 ensures its high degree of resistance when exposed to elements including extreme heat, solar radiation, moisture and the cold.

In addition to this, CT1 also has a high tolerance to vibrations and movement. It is extremely flexible and is able to expand and shrink when required. If you use CT1 outside, you can easily paint over the surface of the material to blend it to its surroundings. CT1 can bond with a huge number of materials including metal, plastic, wood, cement and marble.

When it comes to bonding heavy duty materials such as concrete, stone, brick and marble etc. you may require an even stronger adhesive such as Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, which is used for heavy-duty vertical bonding. For waterproofing roofs, you will need a roof membrane such as WT1. This waterproofing product will seal, repair and waterproof your roof with a smooth finish. It will not crack or shrink, which is necessary for outdoor use since cracks invite moisture and water inside. Excess water can lead to additional problems such as leakage. Using WT1 to waterproof the surface of your roof ensures protection all year round.

C-TEC’s range of construction adhesives and sealants are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. So, whether you want to install new kitchen worktops, seal your roof or repair broken gutter leaks, C-TEC has the solution.

WT1 – Ideal for waterproofing concrete floors, wet walls and roofs.

CT1 – Perfect for sealing and bonding numerous materials without sacrificing durability.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond – Used for vertical heavy-duty bonding.

To find out more about each of our adhesives and sealants, make sure to visit our product pages which contains further information and a short video clip showing each of the products in action.