Best Performing Adhesive for Exteriors

Adhesives come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are specifically designed to tackle certain applications such as waterproof sealants, plastic adhesives and regular superglues. However, what if we were to tell you that there is one particular adhesive out there that makes the rest redundant. This adhesive has swept the world by storm and has taken over shelves in hardware stores around the world. The adhesive we are talking about is of course CT1, the ultimate structural adhesive and sealant from C-TEC.

CT1 creates a long-lasting bond almost instantly. It doesn’t require any additional components to its mixture. This is unlike most regular adhesives and sealants currently available on the market. Instead, CT1 is applied without any added ingredients. Simply take your cartridge of CT1 and trim the nozzle for the perfect application.

Water Resistant Sealant

It is the best performing adhesive for outdoor applications. CT1 can successfully bond swimming pools, ponds, showers, baths and aquariums without giving up its strength. It is commonly used to repair leaks in gutters, drains, roofs and on boats, making CT1 the most water resistant and reliable adhesive on the market. When it comes to repairing gutter leaks for example, CT1 creates an impenetrable bond between materials that resists water damage.

Flexible Bond

When looking for the ideal sealant and adhesive to use outdoors, it’s important to find one that can accommodate high levels of movement and vibration. But what makes an adhesive vibration resistant?

Being able to accommodate movement requires a strong bonding sealant that is also incredibly flexible. CT1 will expand and contract as needed, without prying from the base materials or sacrificing the strength of its bond. This makes CT1 the best exterior adhesive to use with flexible and porous materials such as stone, concrete and wood.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond

If you need to bond heavy duty materials such as marble, granite, stone, brick and concrete, then you may wish to use an adhesive that has been especially designed for such applications. Power Grab n Bond from CTEC relies on its powerful strength of adhesion to form long-lasting and durable bonds between heavy and difficult materials. This unique adhesive provides extreme bonding between such materials and it does not require any additional help in the process. Vertical bonding is made simple and you will not need to add any extra fixings or support structures to lock the bond in place.

WT1 – Waterproofing technology from C-Tec

In addition to CT1 and Power Grab n Bond, CTEC have also released their newest addition to the team, WT1. This unique formula waterproofs, seals and repair roofs, balconies, terraces and concrete floors etc. to create a water resistant finish. It is also used in tanking and provides the perfect water tight barrier to help prevent excess moisture, dampness and water from seeping into your concrete surfaces.

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