Best Glue for Outdoor Stone

Sticking stone to stone or stone to other materials such as concrete, wood, and brick, doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, stone is a heavy and porous material that is historically difficult to bond. But, when using an extra-strong heavy-duty adhesive such as Power Grab N Bond, the job becomes so much easier and less time-consuming.

Power Grab N Bond is the best glue for outdoor stone because it has the ideal characteristics needed to glue outdoor stone with none of the usual disadvantages experienced by users who have opted for inadequate adhesives.


Why is gluing outdoor stone so difficult?

Gluing stones is notably one of the more difficult bonding applications in the construction and building industry. This is mainly because stone is very strong and very porous. Outdoor stone is even harder to glue together because they are subject to the elements and high levels of vibration. Just think about the different types of weather the stone will be exposed to. High temperatures, low temperatures, strong winds, heavy rain, ice, snow, and so on. All of this paired with the natural properties of outdoor stone make it incredibly difficult to bond.

So, what is the best glue for outdoor stone?


Use Power Grab N Bond to Glue Outdoor Stone

Before Power Grab N Bond came on the market, you would have to use a two-component adhesive to glue outdoor stone. As you can imagine, this was a massive inconvenience since you would have to work with two-part liquid epoxy and mix them perfectly before applying. The main problem though wasn’t even the fact you had to mix the solution it was the issues that followed the application that caused the most frustration. Because users applied a liquid epoxy to the stones in an attempt to glue the outdoor stone together, the stones would often slip. So, you would have to spend a lot of time lining the stones back together again and trying to keep them as still as possible to avoid them moving.

Thankfully, Power Grab N Bond has none of these problems. Power Grab N Bond is a construction adhesive built for heavy-duty applications such as gluing outdoor stone. It comes in a caulk-style tube and fits into regular caulking guns too. You’ll only need to apply a 450mm bead of Power Grab N Bond per kilo of weight – it’s that good. Bonding stone with Power Grab N Bond is made easy thanks to its incredible strength, durability, and flexibility. It also withstands the porous nature of outdoor stones, which means it will not weaken over time through cracking and shrinkage.

Power Grab N Bond is the best glue for outdoor stone because of its remarkable features and capabilities. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or it’s hot enough to melt tar, Power Grab N Bond will never lose its initial bonding strength and continue to provide excellent adhesion in all types of weather and temperatures.

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