Best Benefits of Using Multisolve to Remove Adhesives

Cleaning adhesives and glue stains used to be a difficult task before C-TEC came up with their fascinating and all-powerful glue remover, Multisolve. The main purpose of a solvent is to dissolve solid and liquid solutes, detaching them from the surface and making them ready for treatment. They are often used to prep and prime an area before applying new sealants and adhesives. Most solvents are liquid, but many are available as a gas solution. Multisolve has made a name for itself in the business of removing stubborn and difficult adhesives. It comes with a long list of benefits that showcase exactly why this powerful multi-purpose glue remover is everyone’s favourite.

Multisolve is Aliphatic

As an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, Multisolve is one of the safest solvents available in today’s market. It is a trusted glue remover and cleans all types of adhesives without putting the user or the surface material in harm’s way.

Multi-Purpose Solvent

Multisolve is a multi-purpose glue remover and has a huge range of applications. It can remove adhesives, sealants, grease, tar, oil, silicone, wax, printing ink and paraffin without much effort. It makes the process of cleaning stubborn sticky stains a piece of cake and has been trusted by both home owners and professionals around the world.

Easy to Apply

Available in a 200ml or 500ml aerosol, Multisolve is a simple spay and apply product. Anyone can use it, so it doesn’t matter if you are a construction worker or a home owner needing to remove stickers from your windows, Multisolve provides the perfect solution for everyone.

Safe and Effective

Solvents usually use a burning sensation to help remove stubborn substances from base materials. However, Multisolve embodies a safer method that detaches the adhesive without etching into the surface area beneath. This makes Multisolve not only one of the safest solvents available, but also one of the most effective.

Fast-Acting and Fast-Drying

If you need a fast solution, there is no better option than C-TEC’s Multisolve. It instantly gets to work and begins lifting the substance within a few seconds. It is also fast-drying, which is a bonus because it doesn’t leave an oil film behind on the base after application.

Economical Solution

This solvent is environmentally friendly and since it is an aliphatic solvent, it will not harm the environment or the user. Here at C-TEC, it was very important to us to develop an economically safe solvent as we noticed the feature was lacking on hardware shelves up and down the country. Multisolve is one of the safest solvents in the industry!

Difficult Surfaces

Multisolve works with rubber, vinyl, glass and plastic surfaces. In addition to this, you can also use it to remove adhesives and sealants etc. from painted surfaces such as your walls. This enables you to remove glue from paint without taking the paint off the wall. This also comes in handy for applications such as removing tar from the painted surface of your vehicle. Multisolve removes adhesives without effecting the paint, so you have one less thing to worry about.



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