Best Adhesives for Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is typically made from real stone that has been quarried from the earth. However, you can also get your hands on manufactured cultured stone veneer. This variation is 100% man-made with concrete and aggregate materials. The man-made version of stone veneer is made to look like a natural stone. Either way, you need a powerful construction sealant to bond stone veneers to form walls and other structures. Stone veneers can be glued in place using a strong adhesive such as those developed by C-Tec.


Here at C-Tec, we have pioneered the development and research into construction sealants and adhesives. We have a fine selection of powerful sealants, adhesives, solvents, and superglues on offer. But, when it comes to bonding stone veneers, you can’t go wrong with Power Grab n Bond.


What is the best adhesive for stone veneers?

We have a few adhesives that are fantastic when it comes to bonding stone veneers. First, we have Power Grab n Bond, which is a heavy-duty adhesive based on our new CT1 TRIBRID® Technology. Next, we have the classic CT1 – The Snag List Eliminator. If this is your first-time hearing about CT1, let us enlighten you…


Use CT1 to Bond Stone Veneers

CT1 is perfect for bonding stone veneer because of its intense strength. It is 360% stronger and more powerful than traditional hybrid polymers on the market. It outperforms other sealants on the market and has a unique adhesion on virtually any material. This includes concrete and most stones, and the good news is that CT1 will not stain the stones in the process. It is very important to use a water-resistant adhesive to bond stone veneers because water can seep through stone quite easily. The last thing you need is a poor-quality adhesive exposed to moisture until it loses its adhesion and you’re left to rebuild your stone veneer structure as a result. Skip the hassle and avoid the extra work by using a waterproof sealant and adhesive like CT1. CT1 creates durable bonds in wet conditions and it can even work underwater, making it ideal for waterproofing your stone veneer adhesion.


Use Power Grab n Bond to Glue Stone Veneers

The second product that we highly suggest for bonding stone veneers is Power Grab n Bond. This is an intense adhesive that’s ideal for gluing stone veneers. This revolutionary construction adhesive reduces labour time by 50% because of its rapid curing time. You can have the job done and fully cured in no time. Since stone is a porous material, finding the right adhesive that can withstand the natural porous nature of stone veneers is vital.

Power Grab n Bond is the best adhesive for stone veneer. It is a one-component adhesive, which means there’s no need to mix it with anything to help it attach to stone. It has excellent adhesion to stone and concrete, which is why it is the best adhesive for stone veneer. You don’t need to use additional fixings of any kind.

Power Grab n Bond is a phenomenal stone veneer adhesive with incredible strength and power.

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