Benefits of Waterproofing your Commercial Roof with WT1

If you live in a temperamental climate region such as the UK, then you’re no stranger to turbulent weather conditions. Heavy rain and strong winds are just part of the territory, but unfortunately harsh weather conditions can have a serious effect on our buildings, homes and even our roofs, which seem to experience the worst of it. Waterproofing your commercial roof requires a waterproof roof membrane such as WT1 to ensure no water penetrates the surface to cause problems such as water damage, cracks, leaks and shrinkage etc.

WT1 uses unique waterproofing technology that enables it to repair, seal and waterproof all roof types including flat and sloping roofs alike. This powerful formulated compound consists of a polymer and polyurethane union, ensuring that the membrane always remains stable despite weather fluctuations. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, polyester, stone, brick, plastic, metal and lead. If you’re thinking about waterproofing your commercial roof with WT1, here are some of the benefits:

Saves Money

Waterproofing your roof with WT1 will save you money because it is far less expensive than if you were to replace your entire roof. Applying a coat of WT1 renews your roof and waterproofs it with ease. Fill in cracks with WT1 and you won’t have to re-fill them again!

Energy Efficient

According to recent research in the area, waterproofing your roof with a high-quality sealant such as WT1 can lower cooling costs since infrared radiation from the sun bounces off the reflective ingredients included in the formulation.

Flat or Sloping Roofs

Whether you have a flat or sloping roof, WT1 is appropriate for both variations. The application process remains similar for both applications. Simply spread, spray or brush WT1 onto the surface of the roof and apply straight from its container without the need for additional tools and materials etc.

Repair Cracks

Since WT1 does not shrink or crack, it is the perfect roof membrane for waterproofing commercial roofs. Cracks let water seep in, which can cause further damage when the water turns to ice and expands. WT1 can be used to not only repair existing cracks, but to prevent new cracks from forming.

Increase the lifespan of your Roof

Waterproofing your roof adds an extra layer of protection against weather related damages. The polymers in WT1 will not break down over time, ensuring that your roof is protected for years to come and therefore, increasing its lifespan.

Easy Maintenance

Caring for a waterproofed roof is incredibly easy. WT1 is easy to clean and because of its smooth application, there is no frustrating cracks to gather dirt and debris over the course of time. Repairs, if any, are few and inexpensive.

Compatible with C-TEC Adhesive Range

WT1 is 100% compatible with C-TEC’s adhesive range. This includes Power Grab ‘n’ Bond and CT1. This means that you can use multiple products as and when required.

If you need to waterproof your commercial roof, WT1 is the answer. Find out more about this amazing product right here.



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