A Multipurpose Glue Remover and Glue Di-activator

There are not many products available in the market to remover glue or so called glue removers. This is not surprising as to develop a glue remover s quite difficult especially a glue remover that will not damage the surrounding materials. It’s common knowledge through practical experience that to break a bond of two materials stuck together with glue (depending what type of glue) it can be quite difficult without breaking the two materials.

If you wish to re bond these materials the old glue has to be removed hence the need for an effective glue remover. The demand for a good glue remover is quite high in particular when you look at the applications for example removing old glue residue left behind form duct tape. Trying to remove glue from carpets such as P.V.A or chewing gum from there are several others where a fast acting glue remover is required.

The glue removers available are a very strong solvent base from the aromatic family of solvents which are very aggressive. These glue removers normally come in a past form which you brush on and can only leave it on for about 15 mins. These glue removers can be quite effective but if the 15 min time limit is over run serious damage can occur with the base material; in addition these glue removers are very messy.

There are less aggressive glue removers such as citric acid base but these again are messy to use and are largely in effective. Some people claim petroleum is a good glue remover and in some applications this is true but the odour and residue left behind can be a nuisance but more importantly the fire risk is dangerously high there for petroleum is defiantly not recommended to be used as a glue remover.

C-Tec the creators of the unique CT1 sealant and adhesive have the answer Alleluia!

Introducing the incredible CT1 Multisolve Glue Remover the no nonsense, no mess, effective glue remover. Multi Solve is a unique aliphatic hydro carbon solvent that is gentle on the user and sensitive materials but tough on stubborn to remove glue.

How does CT1 Multisolve work? Multisolve is so different and unique compared to the conventional glue removers as multisolve works like a sufficient detaching the glue molecule as opposed to a burning action like other glue removers. The glue in essence starts to breakdown with absolutely no damage to the base material. This is the reason why CT1 Mulitsolve is the best chewing gum remover on the market. Multisolve is available in a handy aerosol with no mess.

Multisolve the Multipurpose glue remover


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