A Glue Remover – The Ultimate Glue Remover

When you need a powerful adhesive to bond stone, look no further than Power Grab ‘N’ Bond from C-Tec, the creators of CT1 sealant and adhesive. The current available high performing adhesives for stone are limited and the ones that are available perform inadequately. In the past, bonding stone was limited to small applications where a good two component epoxy would suffice. In these small applications, where the bonded parts were not exposed to any undue stress vibration or the elements, a one component mastic would provide an acceptable result as the finished job was more cosmetic than structural. However, in today’s changing fashionable market stone, marble and granite are used as the norm in many builds.

The almost standard stone/marble kitchen counter top is a must in every kitchen. Granite facades seem standard on most new commercial buildings, hence the need for a strong powerful adhesive for stone. As already outlined, the most common adhesives available for stone is the two component types but these come with many disadvantages. For example, these stone adhesives have to be mixed in the exact amounts or else they will not work. They can take a long time to cure, in many cases taking up to one week. A good performing adhesive for stone should have a good degree of flexibility, which these two components lack. As most of stone bonding applications are external the adhesive must have a good resistance to the elements which these two component adhesives also lack.

Over eight years ago, C-Tec introduced onto the market the revolutionary CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive, a unique hybrid formulated compound. CT1 adhesive and sealant will bond successfully, stone, metal, plastic and wood, even in wet conditions. However, as the market demanded an impossible adhesive to bond heavy weights vertically C-Tec rose to the challenge and from the base of CT1, developed the incredible Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, the most powerful adhesive for stone on the market.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond construction adhesive is truly ground breaking in its ability to bond stone vertically with immediate attachment, with no sliding or the need for supports. This powerful adhesive replaces the need for drilling and applying fixing bolts and is very easy to apply. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond needs no mixing unlike two component adhesives, it is delivered in a standard 310ml sealant cartridge that fits onto a regular sealant/adhesive caulking gun. A 450mm bead of Power Grab ‘n’ Bond adhesive is applied per kilo of weight. It’s as simple as that. This powerful adhesive will remain flexible, which is most important when bonding stone.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond will bond all stone, except constituted stone, as this stone is manmade and contains many silicone components. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond adhesive will not only bond stone, but is equally effective in bonding stone to metal, stone to wood, stone to concrete and in any combination.



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