Laying marble or stone tiles on a concrete patio made easy with Power Grab N Bond

Does Your patio needs a face-lift                            

Should you have a patio area with a concrete surface that has become worn and unsightly you can tile or slab over the concrete with your choice of marble tile or stone slab selecting a particular size and textured finish of choice. A rural setting might lend itself cosmetically to stone whilst an urban environment might be better suited to an aggregate product or marble slab finish. Of course the choice is purely a personal preference and will also depend on other factors such as house style, garden layout and the actual patio architecture and location on the property. Structures on the patio such as pergolas, barbecue area, static dining and seating facilities will all dictate the type of flooring most suitable. The one aspect of the project that normally remains constant is the technicality of attaching the tiles or slabs to the concrete surface.

Traditional methods of resurfacing a concrete patio                             

A light bed of mortar or sand is usually spread over the patio surface and levelled to provide a flat stable base for the installation of the tiles or slabs. The process is labour intensive and requires the purchase of sand, cement, a screed and the hire of a cement mixer to effect the desired result. That has been the de facto method of doing the job historically and can be expensive, time  consuming and dirty. It does require an experienced slab layer to carry out out the task professionally though alternatively an experienced DIY person could conceivably undertake the job with some confidence.

Attaching marble or stone tiles with an efficient adhesive

Thanks to the availability of a new revolutionary solvent free heavy duty construction adhesive the job of attaching tiles to a concrete surface has become a much simpler and more effective option. Power Grab N Bond from the C Tec stable of universally recognised adhesive products is a unique adhesive in both its strong bonding qualities and its conformity to Health and Safety regulations. It is equally effective in both horizontal and vertical bonding applications, providing an excellent initial grab that accommodates some movement so that tiles or slabs can be positioned correctly in place. C Tec’s adhesive product is perfect for installing tiles on top of a concrete base. Four or five strips of the waterproof adhesive can be applied with a sealant gun directly onto the tiles which can then be laid in position on the concrete, levelling as you go along.

Aesthetic solution to laying exterior tiles or stones

There is no residual dirt when using this versatile bonding and installation is fast and controlled enabling job completion in a fraction of the time normally taken by the traditional method of fixing with mortar. The finished patio area, with a tiled floor engendering an inviting ambience of tasteful sophistication will exude richness and eye candy appeal to all those who use it. The effectiveness of the adhesive will be greatly enhanced by its resistance to UV rays, chemicals, temperature and weather extremes and fluctuation in movement. Its ability to bond on both dry and wet surfaces is reassuring and guarantees effective adhesion. Power Grab N Bond is the answer to revamping and invigorating your patio area with slabs or tiles.

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