Attach Wall Copings with Power Grab N Bond

Applying the finishing touch to your perimeter wall

A boundary wall is only as decorative as the copings used to provide that attractive eye catching cosmetic finish which transforms the bland into a distinctively feature-rich creation. The most effective means of bonding coping to wall surfaces is Power Grab N Bond. This revolutionary adhesive which is receiving commendable reviews from the construction and related industries is unique in its chemical formulation. These industries are endorsing it passionately and are extolling its eminence as the most efficient of its kind on the market. Historically, tradesmen and DIY adherents used mortar to attach copings to walls but more recently a very effective and long lasting alternative has appeared in the form of C Tec’s new industrial strength bonding adhesive. Irrespective of the specific wall coping being deployed – Stone, Concrete or other aggregates – the most important issue is choosing the best method of attaching the coping to the wall. It needs to be strong and resistant to extreme weather conditions in providing a long lasting adhesive solution.

Adhesive with optimum bond grab

Thankfully the building industry now have at their disposal an adhesive product that is fully endorsed by tradesmen and builder suppliers as a successfully tried and tested replacement for the traditional mortar and trowel method of bonding coping to block or brick surfaces. There is little dirt and no clean up procedures with the application of C Tec’s magical adhesive, which is deliverable with speed and precision. There is no pre-application preparations necessary as the compound can be applied straight from the dispenser using a sealant gun. It requires three strips of the adhesive in a reasonable density on the back of the coping to provide the desired bonding effect. This magical adhesive will adhere to all surfaces, even if they are damp, but the preferred optimal criteria which applies in general is a clean grease free contact surface to guarantee best bonding results.

Fully compliant with health and safety standards

The most attractive feature of this adhesive, besides its ability to create a strong lasting bond, is its conformity to all Health and Safety requirements and its compliance with environmentally friendly directives. Its universal conformity means that the product is solvent free, chemical resistant, vibration resistant and seawater resistant. Another favourable characteristic is its resistance to UV rays and fungus. This is particularly cogent in respect of recorded historical problems with the mortar joints that have attracted fungal growth, leading to bonding degradation and eventual bonding failure. This scenario will not arise with Power Grab N Bond because of the chemical structure of the compound. Not only has it high tensile strength but its waterproof quality will ensure that water or dampness cannot pervade the adhesive and therefore will have no detrimental effect on the contact surfaces or the effectiveness of the bond.

Professional Finish

The cosmetic appearance of a finished wall with coping in situ is enhanced considerably by meticulously clean jointing with no noticeable staining to either the coping or the wall. The application of this industrial strength bonding leaves no discernible foot-print and conversely provides a bonding solution that is visually appealing and professional. This adhesive is the here and now of all bonding products currently on the market and continues to forge a large furrow into the world of heavy duty adhesives throughout Europe with a growing endorsement from builders suppliers and trades throughout the Construction Industry.


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