How to Waterproof a Bathroom with WT1

Bathrooms tend to be the wettest rooms in the house. Despite the fact that bathroom tiles are water resistant, leaks often occur because their joints are not 100% waterproof. This leads to a list of possible problems, including cracks, water leaks and further damage.

Waterproofing your bathroom requires the use of a high-quality sealant such as WT1 from C-TEC.   This liquid membrane forms a waterproof and watertight coating underneath bathroom tiles. This protective coat provides an extra and necessary water resistant coat to ensure that water does not pass through.

Preparing your Bathroom

Prepping your walls for tanking requires an effective solvent and degreaser. Flat walls work best, which means you have to make sure there is no unwanted debris present. This could be in the form of uneven plaster, bits of dirt and dust etc. Using a powerful degreaser such as Multisolve from C-TEC will help to clean and prepare the area for waterproofing.

Multisolve removes printing ink, adhesives, sealants, oil, grease and silicone. As a multi-purpose solvent, Multisolve safely removes all traces of adhesives from the base material. This helps to create a smooth and clean surface that is ready for tanking. This fast-acting solution is economical and works well with other C-TEC products including CT1 and WT1.

Using WT1 to Waterproof your Bathroom

WT1 waterproofs and tanks wet rooms, garage floors, balconies, terraces and roofs. Spreading or brushing this formulation on the wet walls of your bathroom helps to prevent excess moisture and water from seeping through the tiles, which can damage the structure of the wall as well as its surroundings.

WT1 creates a permanent waterproof barrier that can be rendered or plastered in ideal conditions. In addition to waterproofing wet walls, it can also be used to waterproof floors and adheres to a massive range of materials such as metal, plastic, polyester, concrete, brick and even stone.

Advantages of Waterproofing your Bathroom

One of the most basic purposes of a bathroom is to endure and withstand dampness and water. However, if your bathroom isn’t properly waterproofed, it can lead to multiple problems. WT1 seals bathroom walls, which helps stop leaks from forming due to cracks and other flaws. A tanked bathroom ensures that the walls are watertight, which prevents moisture from seeping through the exterior. Proper tanking also prevents mould and dampness from forming. Mould can cause health implications and effects people with asthma and allergies the most. Waterproofing your wet walls with WT1 helps fight against this problem and it also acts as a superb form of extra insulation.

If you’re a homeowner, you may think about selling your property some day in the future and making small but powerful home improvements can really help increase your selling potential. Tanking bathrooms with a high-quality and waterproof sealant such as WT1 adds value to your home as it provides a professional finish, extra insulation and protection.


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