7 Reasons to Use Multisolve as a Solvent

Finding the perfect solvent takes quite a bit of consideration. There are many different factors to consider before choosing the right one, which involves research and experimentation. The main purpose of a solvent is to dissolve and detach a solid, liquid or gaseous solute. More often than not, these solutions are adhesives. Solvents come in the form of a solid, liquid or gas. When you have to remove tough stains, water and soap is not enough. This is why you can turn to Multisolve to help clean and remove stubborn adhesive stains.

Here are seven more reasons why you need to use Multisolve as a solvent:

  1. Multi-Purpose Solvent

This aliphatic solvent is the safest solvent on the market. The formulation works into the stain using a gentle but seriously effective motion. It does this without leaving an etch or mark in the base material. Unlike traditional solvents that burn into the surface, Multisolve uses a gentle but strong process to safely detach the stain.

  1. Simple Application

Many solvents are quite difficult to use, especially if you’re not used to the process already. Thankfully, C-TEC has taken out the complications of solvents and has made it very simple to operate. It is available in both a 200ml and 500ml aerosol. This gives you the option to purchase only how much solvent you need. Application is very  simple thanks to the handy spray on method of applying this solvent. Simple point and spray directly onto the stain to begin removing harsh and stubborn stains.

  1. Cleans Different Substances

Instead of only being able to clean one or two substances, Multisolve is a multi-purpose solvent. This means it can remove and clean all traces of a long list of applications. This remarkable solvent can remove printing ink, paraffin wax, oil, tar, grease, silicone, sealants, adhesives and chewing gum.

  1. Fast Acting

Instead of waiting for what feels like forever for any real results, Multisolve gets to work super fast. It immediately begins detaching the adhesive from the surface of the base material and provides a fast-acting solution.

  1. No Oil Film

Many solvents leave an oily film after use. This trace of oil also needs to be removed and doing so can be quite challenging. However, Multisolve from C-TEC does not leave this frustrating trail in its path.

  1. Economical

Multisolve is an economical and aliphatic solvent. This makes  it one of the safest solvents available in today’s busy marketplace. It will not harm the user or the environment, which makes it highly eco-friendly.

  1. Paint-Friendly

Multisolve can be used on painted surfaces without removing or damaging the paintwork. This means you can use it for a variety of fragile applications. For example, if you manage to get oil or tar stains on the surface of your car, you can use Multisolve to safely clean away the stains without putting the original car paintwork in harms way.



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