3 Reasons Why Peel Tec is a 2021 DIY Week Awards Winner

Each year, leading products in the home improvements industry battle it out for coveted titles at the DIY Week Awards. DIY Week is the most authoritative and trusted information source for the home improvement market, and has led the industry for over 140 years. For the last 10 years, it’s held a yearly award show, honouring revolutionary products in the DIY space. In 2021, Peel Tec won Decorating Product of the Year.

But what makes Peel Tec worthy of this prestigious title? Here are just three reasons why DIY Week selected Peel Tec as 2021’s Decorating Product of the Year.

  1. It’s safe

Using Peel Tec is an incredibly safe way to remove paint that doesn’t compromise on effectiveness. Peel Tec is a highly efficient, successful, and nontoxic paint removal method that anyone can use instantly, even with no prior experience.

Unfortunately, many rely on outdated and ineffective paint removal methods that are harmful and potentially dangerous. Aggressively scraping with sharp tools, for example, can lead to serious injuries. Meanwhile toxic vapors, such as Methyl Chloride, can have damaging and long-lasting effects on your respiratory and overall health.

Peel Tec’s unique formulation is 100% free of Methyl Chloride. It emits no harmful vapours and so is safe to use throughout your home. It also doesn’t require any aggressive removal techniques. Peel Tec’s superpower is lifting paint away from the surface material, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is gently remove the paint, greatly reducing the risk of injury.


  1. It’s easy to use

Any first-time DIYer can use Peel Tec like an expert. The unique nozzle makes Peel Tec application precise and delivers an even distribution of product to the surface area. To use Peel Tec, just point the nozzle facing the paint you would like to remove, press down, and spray it across the surface. It will start working instantly. For best results, wait up to 10 minutes, then use a tool suitable for your surface to remove the paint. If the paint is thin and you’re working with glass or mirrors, you may only need a damp cloth to remove the Peel Tec and paint residue. If you’re working with more hard-wearing material, such as wood, you may want to use a sharp-edged scraper for a completely clean removal.


  1. It’s reliable

Peel Tec maintains its clinical effectiveness on a wide range of surface materials, including stone, asphalt, metal and wood. No matter what the base material is, one of Peel Tec’s award-winning properties is that it leaves no trace of damage behind. While other, more aggressive paint removal methods risk damaging the material, Peel Tec’s revolutionary quality is its effectiveness without running this same risk. Its trusty and unwavering performance makes it the first choice paint removal method for many in the DIY and construction industry.

To discover more about Peel Tec’s award-winning abilities and find out how to add this powerful product to your home-improvement toolkit, visit the Peel Tec product page.

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