10 Advantages of C-Tec’s Multisolve Solvent


Solvents are used to dissolve either a solid, liquid or gaseous solute in order to remove them from the surface and base material. The actual solvent itself is more often than not, a type of liquid formulation. However, it isn’t unheard of for a solvent to be in the form of a gas, or even a solid. You may be surprised to learn that water is a type of solvent and definitely the most common one in existence. Of course, when it comes to removing certain substances, water simply cannot meet the challenge. This is where C-Tec’s multi-purpose solvent comes into play. Multisolve is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent and has quickly become known in the UK and Ireland as the best multi-purpose solvent in the market. Here are 10 advantages of this remarkable product:

1. Multisolve is Aliphatic

Multisolve is an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent. This is a formulation you can trust to get the job done and to do so without threatening the original base material, or the user, for that matter.

2. It Removes a Range of Materials

This unique solvent can remove a huge range of materials including paraffin, printing ink, wax, sealants, adhesives, oil, grease and silicone.

3. Safe to Use

Unlike most solvents available on the market, Multisolve uses a less damaging method to remove substances. Most solvents will burn and etch into the substance, often penetrating the base. However, C-Tec’s solvent uses a detaching method that does not harm the user or the surface area.

4. Easy Application

Applying Multisolve solvent is incredibly easy and hassle-free. It comes readily available in a 200ml or 500ml aerosol, depending on your individual requirements. Simply spray onto the desired surface and you will notice Multisolve getting to work almost immediately.

5. Leaves no Oil Film

Unlike most solvents, Multisolve will leave no traces of oil film in its path. This saves time since you won’t have to do any extra clean-up work after the initial treatment is completed.

6. Fast and Thorough

This solvent gets to work as soon as contact is made with the material you wish to remove. The solution will get to work and begin to work into the material, lifting it from the base and leaving no evidence of its presence following the treatment.

7. Economical

Multisolve is not harmful towards the environment. In fact, it is very economical and as an aliphatic solvent, does not pose a threat to neither humans nor the environment.

8. Can be used on Painted Surfaces

If you need to remove a substance from a painted surface, Multisolve is the tool for the job. This is especially useful when it comes to removing tar from the painted surface of your car, for example. Multisolve will only remove the adhesive, leaving the paintwork firmly intact. It can also be used on plastics, rubber, vinyl and even glass.

9. Fast Drying

Multisolve acts fast and dries fast. This is exactly what you need from a solvent, which is why our developers at C-Tec worked so hard to achieve such a fast drying formula.

10. Ideal for all Trades

Multisolve is perfect for a multitude of trades including plumbers, shoplifters, tilers, joiners, builders, electricians and stonemasons etc.


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