PeelTec helps restore a rusty old gate within minutes!

It might be a wash out summer but does your garden furniture need to look like it belongs back in the shed? We don’t think so!

Okay, so maybe it’s not be the sweltering heat of last summer, but in between the rain and wind, there are still snippets of sun. So us Celtic and Anglo fellow’s do like to jump outside and grab some rays when we can, soaking up the vitamin D before the long evenings get shorter.

And where do most of us like to spend these sun-soaked moments close to hand? Yes, our gardens. The long evenings with BBQ fired up, a glass of pinot grigio spilling over the side. This is also where we our inner host comes to life … a good old-fashioned garden party or in some cases a Tea party! Outside in the sun, with neighbours, family and pets we like to show off our rose bushes and BBQ skewers.

But … the ghastly, unsightly garden furniture. Rusty, weather beaten garden furniture is an eyesore. And of course the good weather is the time to fix this, but we have limited amount of good weather and do we really want to spend this stripping back rust and paint and then re-painting?

We all avoid this, as it takes hours to do and you must be quick before showers arrive and then perhaps spend another day re-coating with fresh paint.

Not anymore. PeelTec the revolutionary new product from the creators of CT1, have launched a mind-blowing product, which is the latest technology in paint removing.

Gone are the days of hours of labour and harmful vapours. PeelTec simply peels the paint away … within minutes! CT1 The Snag List Eliminator, is the No1 Sealant and adhesive in the UK. They lead the way in technology for the construction industry and most DIY enthusiasts have CT1 in their shed or under the sink. CT1 of course replaces several products in one and will literally bond and repair whilst sealing any application there is! So versatile it has become the must have not only for tradespeople but for home owners to use themselves.

Now we didn’t think it was possible to make work less tedious until the idea of a new paint remover. Paint removers have become so weak and non-effective since methyl chloride was banned. CT1’s research and development department noticed that there was an effective replacement for a good paint remover.

So once again DIY enthusiasts were struggling with this task and alongside very tired trades people trying to remove years of paint!

PeelTec now saves not only hours of labour and elbow grease it also is non-harmful to you and the base material. Removing paint from almost any surface within minutes! Mark from Northern Ireland, contacted CT1, “Please help! I have an old rusty, paint flaking gate … It needs repaired and quick” … and who are we to turn down a challenge!

Now a gate that looks like new, repaired in moments and set for many summers to come!

Visit our dedicated Peel Tec Page on our website for more information!