Made in Britain – CT1 and The IPG promote buying British and explain why it’s so important for them!

The IPG and CT1 have a very proactive and beneficial partnership both for end users and member stores. The plumbing and heating trade have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the many benefits gifted to them when they buy from The IPG store’s.

The IPG’s very backbone and reason for existing, is to in fact support local business and encourage the trade to buy from independents in a sea of large multinational chains.

The IPG, who are the fastest grown membership group for plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists, believe that independents should have a better, stronger voice in today’s competitive market. Buying from an independent significantly contributes to local employment, boosting innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as maintaining traditions.

Many tradespeople and customers alike have become accustomed to using large retailers and online merchants. But what about the great British independent retailer? Unrivalled service, honest advice and more in store discounts, as much more personal relationships are developed, with often the owner. Buying locally is something being promoted across many sectors as a way (amongst many other things) to help boost the UK economy.

With such core values, and in a time where buying British has never been so important, The IPG Stores are all profiling CT1, The UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive. CT1 who have led the way in Research and Development over the last 18 years in the UK market, have been providing the plumbing and heating industry the with ultimate product, that replaces several products in one, and to the tradesman’s delight, can even work underwater.

CT1 which replaces all other mastic, silicones and sanitary sealants is also the strongest construction adhesive on the market, with no solvents or isocyanates. It also makes CT1 the healthiest choice for your home.

CT1 Made in Britain, with British Design and British Technology, mirrors The IPG’S core values. Buying British with a British Service is invaluable to the plumbing and heating trade.

Not only for the general consumer across the board, has buying British never been so important, but also specifically for the trade.

A recent survey undertook by, looked at 1,012 tradespeople across the UK who work with bathroom fixtures and fittings for a true unbiased opinion. The results mirrored that of Made in Britain and several other leading reports that buying British products is paramount in their decision-making process.



47% agreed that British Made Products are superior, with the majority of fitter’s opting to buy from UK Manufactures when they can. Questions such as this were asked:


  • “Do you regularly purchase British made bathroom fittings?” With 67% answering ‘yes’ to this. When asked why, reliability was the most common reason with 57% explaining that British made products tended to have better longevity. 35% also cited that support was much better, as any problems with UK items could be easily fixed. 24% even said they simply preferred the “design and style” of the home products!


So buying CT1 would in fact be the preferred sealant of choice, with majority of competitor sealants being manufactured outside the UK. Often technical helplines, onsite visits and live demonstrations are unavailable.

The overwhelming fact from various research studies complied, is that almost ALL consumers now will buy British. Made in Britain gives that consumer knowledge they are keeping jobs safe, the economy boosted and buying quality.

A whooping 90% believe that it is important to buy British made products, with 44 % prefer to buy British regardless of cost. 66% of Brits agree that they are more likely to buy British Product since March 2020, as they see a bigger need than ever to support British business and boost the economy post pandemic

Concerns over the environment also features as an important motivator with 7 out of 10 Brits buying British as they can help the nation combat climate change.

Again another reason to buy CT1. CT1 not only British made is also the eco-friendly and compliant sealant on the market. With Green EC1 Plus accreditations, a NAAF accreditation, and isocyanate free, it is the healthiest choice. CT1 replaces several products in one, there are less cartridges in landfills thanks to CT1 being used on jobs.

Buy British, Buy CT1 and Shop in The IPG stores.