Graffiti… sometimes nice to look at, and always horrible to remove!

Peeltec has the answer.


Peeltec which is the latest in trail blazing technology in paint removing is the only product that will remove Graffiti! It was designed to remove all paints from any surfaces without damaging the base material .


Our technical department has also tried this and tested on Graffiti… of course it works!


BUT our Norwegian cousins also had a pesky artist who decided to use the back of his trailer as a canvass… Disaster struck.


Kim Rune Gulland of Fimasstentene AS, a film production company who travels across Norway for filming projects, was not to pleases at this artist impression. Indeed his trailer with logo is his business card and a promotional tool.


Yes,. Peeltec was the answer, you can see in the video footage the ease is slides off , his nice white trailer. No damage to the paintwork, no elbow grease and no new paintwork required. What a result..


Did you know that local councils and authorities are using this to remove Graffiti from schools, hospitals and walls? Easy to use as the paint simply peels away. Will not damage the surface and is also user friendly.


Does not harm your skin or clothes and the base material Truly revolutionary.