How to Repair a Flat Roof

The main cause for a flat roof leaking is due to weather damage resulting in material deterioration. To repair a flat roof can be as time-consuming as the initial installation; this is due to the process of applying bitumen or asphalt in a combination of layers of fibreglass or roofing felt. The materials are attacked by heat/sunlight causing the bitumen to solidify and then cool down resulting in swelling and cracking, thus creating a leaking flat roof. This is the reason why stone chipping is placed on the final installation to reflect the sun’s rays, but this protection has a short life span.

The products on the market to repair flat roofs contain the same components as the ones used for installation and will be exposed to the same attack, again resulting in a leaking flat roof. The solution to the problem of How to Repair a Flat Roof is “Roof ‘n’ Wall Seal” from the CT1 product range.

Roof n Wall Seal is a unique one component, one application product for ULTIMATE Flat Roof Repairs. A unique formulation of modified bitumen, polyester and butyl rubber that requires no heat in application, creating a permanent solution for leaking flat roofs. “Roof n Wall Seal” is exceptionally easy to apply with either brush or trowel. Packed in a handy 5kg tin or cartridge (for smaller repairs) makes little work for any size of Repair to a Flat Roof. Roof n Wall Seals adhesion onto: Brick, Polyester, Wood, Lead, PVC, to name only a few , is fantastic.

Roof and Wall Seal can even be applied onto existing roof felt. To clean tools or overspill use C-Tec’s MULTISOLVE a unique safe multi-purpose solvent, exceptional in removing tar, adhesive, silicone and endless stubborn deposits.

PROBLEM: How to Repair a Flat Roof
SOLUTION: “Roof n Wall Seal”

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