Bond metal to glass

Two of the most frequently used materials in today’s commodities is Glass and Metal and yet to bond Glass to Metal is still so difficult. Some of the basic difficulties is the Glass is so smooth and has a porosity.

Glass to Metal Bond is equally difficult due to the movement in Glass especially with change of temperature. There are several adhesive products on the market for Bonding Glass to Metal and yet we are continually asked for a product that will successfully and permanently Bond Glass to Metal. Superfast Plus is the answer, a one component cyanacrylate adhesive with no solvent content.

Superfast works almost instantly, not only in Bonding Glass to Metal but also numerous other materials such as Plastics, Rubber, Metals and in conjunction with our Superfast Plus Activator, will bond all Woods, Stone, Marble and Fabrics. Therefore as opposed to a single task product for Glass to Metal Bonding we have produced a multi-tasked product which is invaluable both in the industrial and domestic workplace.

Think – Bond Glass to Metal – Think Superfast Plus

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