The C-Tec Training

The C-Tec organisation have over 35 years experience in creating and training sales teams on an international level, which are all still successfully trading today. The unique training given to new C-Tec sales personnel is second to none where each stage of sales is set out in logical order but simplified into three modules. Module one is a one week course that entails both theory and practical in equal proportions which is given successful, active sales personnel. This module guarantees to equip veteran sales people with a whole new set of skills that guarantees success. It also turns non experienced personnel into successful professional sales people.

This initial module deals with:

  • Timing
  • Body Language
  • Stages of Sales
  • Negotiating
  • Successful Closing
  • Territory Building

After completion of the course the new sales person is supported in the field with three / four days training. This full support is ongoing.

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