CT1 – The UK’s Number 1 Sealant & Adhesive- Now Available at Wickes.

Architects and designers across the UK have opted and banked on CT1 for their projects and commissioned works.

And rightly so, as CT1 indeed is the most accredited sealant and adhesive to date on the UK market. CT1 which is the professional tradespersons and architect’s choice, has in fact over 25 accreditations to its name.

CT1 also proudly adorns the highly sought after NAAF Logo. This is an accreditation from the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association. This particular body is one of the most stringent bodies, globally for testing products that either cause or reduce asthma and allergy attacks in your home.  After being nominated for testing by the board, who realised that CT1 was the most eco-compliant sealant and adhesive, they vigoursly tested CT1 for 17 weeks.  CT1 was then awarded this accreditation, making CT1 the only sealant and adhesive globally to receive such a high stamp of approval.

Some of the other accreditations include the lowest indoor emissions, with architects and specifiers making sure that CT1 is on the job. This is also especially true for new builds and also in healthcare facilities, education and old aged homes.

CT1 after 18 years and always researching the needs of the market and changing requirements, seen that Hybrid technology was outdated, and always being the market leader, wanted to further enhance CT1 to outperform itself.  It was in fact CT1 who introduced Hybrid polymers, and coined the term initially, which has since then seen it imitated many times.

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