The Building industry plays catch up with Science

We as a home dwelling species demand larger homes, bigger buildings, and better infrastructure. The building industry is continually looking for new ways to do this. Better machinery, better methods, better materials and better products!

Gone are they days of heave ho, rolling large stones up a hill. Technically advanced and sophisticated means are a demand of the building industry.

With the rapid development of new materials, the building industry is almost always evolving. While it’s impossible to tell exactly where it’s heading, recent progress can at least give us a clue as to what might change the building industry in the near future. As materials become more advanced and sophisticated, so too will the buildings in which they’re used.

Some of these developments which dramatically effected the industry were creations such as, self-healing concrete, bioplastic, 3D printed graphene and the crème de le crème, TRIBRID® Technology from the creators of CT1.

Technology and scientifically enhanced products are CT1’s speciality. Always leading the way in research and development, they wanted to ever further improve the Hybrid Technology which was also one of their creations. This was introduced into the market by CT1 some 16 years ago and since then, they have worked on improving an already technically advanced formula compared to competitors and what was out in the market place.

TRIBRID® Technology, which is a new era of sealants and adhesives for the building industry, has everyone intrigued and in admiration for a further development of an already perfect product, CT1.

The Hybrid formulation has now been taken into a new era of chemistry creating the TRIBRID®, a process never achieved before. This development has generated a scientifically enhanced product that no Architect, Builder or Tradesperson has ever worked with.

Bigger, Better, Stronger. One new product from this new formula is the infamous BT1 which has taken the plumbing and tiling world by storm. Creating clinically clean bathrooms, scientifically impossible to grow any fungus or bacteria. It is now being used in hospitals and clinics as it reduces the risk of E. coli and MRSA.

They say the future for the construction is a robot revolution. We are pretty sure those robots will be bonded together with TRIBRID® Technology!

What do you think will come next?

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